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Powerful Healing For Transformative Life Change! Energy Healer Toronto Love Heals All

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"I feel absolutely blessed to have found Audwin and the healing he provides.  Love truly heals, and Audwin has the ability to channel the love energy that heals panic, anxiety, and all forms of emotional suffering.



Energy Healer Toronto provides powerful healing for Life Challenges, Emotional Challenges, Karmic Issues, Negativity, or other challenges you truly want healed.

You may be dealing with any number of challenges:

What I do is go direct to the source of the emotional issues. This includes working with the Akashic Records where Karma is registered.

This is in contrast to many healing modalities which require the practitioner to go through layers and layers of issues, much like peeling an onion.  This is very time consuming and often it does not produce the desired result which is the removal of emotional pain and suffering.

I work with Holy Spirit/Love as my Guide and healing partner. Holy Spirit/Love and the Angels of Light are not burdened with the Veil of Humanity and can see clearly throughout the healing process.  

If you want a direct pathway to permanently resolving your issues or a loved ones issues, Holy Spirit and the Angels and I will absolutely be able to help you.

I have a proven track record of very happy clients all over the world who have been healed of their emotional challenges. As a result of the work I have done with them, they have been able to embrace their joy.  The same is possible for you!  Please check out my testimonial page to read about their stories.

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